Outings Companions' Feedback

"A collective effort can be no better than it's leadership. My enjoyment of every aspect of this trip was due to your creativity in its conception, your expertise in its meticulous planning, and your skill in its execution. I sincerely thank you for this experience."

Marty Albrights's first trip
Canyonlands White Rim Mountain Biking, May 2001

"I want to thank you for letting me come on your Grand Canyon trip. It was my best trip ever. I love the Grand Canyon and I enjoyed all of the people on the trip.... You guys are always so good to be concerned about the safety of everyone."

Marge Padgett's fifteenth trip
Grand Canyon Raft, August 1999

"I really feel at a loss to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to making such wonderful trips possible. You are both among the most remarkable people I have met in my life for your pursuit of a lifestyle you really want and a circle of good friends to share it with."

Tom Hillegass's first trip
Desolation & Gray Canyon Raft, July 1998

"Deso Gray was a gas . . . . It was the usual wonderful group - I think your and Bob's ability to attract and keep such interesting people is the greatest thing about your trips!"

Charlotte Ekback's thirty-second trip
Desolation & Gray Canyon Raft, July 1998

"Rob and I sure did enjoy ourselves in Peru. It was a fantastic experience and one we will never forget. Everyone keeps asking me to tell them about it but how do you tell about a three week adventure in a sentence or two???"

Jackie Shellworth's second trip
Inca Trail, Peru, September 1997

"I wanted to thank you for putting the trip together. To me, the trip was very challenging and rewarding. The ruins we found were the highlight of the trip for me. Your knowledge of these ancient cultures added much. The group was a lot of fun as well. Each person seemed to add just the right touch to make the group work as a team. What I really appreciated was your organization and preparedness. The meals were all great. Your care in creating each meal is evident. Your experience in desert travel was a great comfort as well . . . Thank you again for organizing the trip. I am looking forward to another adventure with you soon."

Scott McCollough's first trip
Grand Gulch/Slickhorn Backpack, May 1996

"Thanks for a great trip - you two make an excellent team. I know how hard it is to pull off a trip like this. You two are pro's. I completely enjoyed myself. In fact - my appetite was just wetted. I anxiously await the opportunity to do the full Canyon."

Lacey Anderson's second trip
Grand Canyon Raft, April 1997

"You and Bob are the most organized leaders I've experienced without being fascists like the . . . . . . It shows that you like people and have a mature tolerance of their quirks. You're both nice to look at and entertain us with witty remarks. Your knowledge of the high points of the route and important survival facts are first rate."

Karen Fiore's third trip
Canyonlands Canoe, June 1989

"I am writing this letter as you are still down there in the canyon. It honestly was difficult for me to leave. I want to write and tell you how much fun I had and how much I appreciated all that you did to make it happen. The Grand is beyond description to people who have not been there. But the trip you put together is something else. The people were great, the food was out of this world, and I so much enjoyed meeting both of you."

Rich Ingebretsen's first trip
Grand Canyon Raft, September 1995

"I had such a fabulous time on the river. I wanted to thank you for everything you did. It was amazing how organized everything was and how smoothly the trip went. I really enjoyed getting to know you both."

Chelsea Larsen's first trip
Grand Canyon Raft, September 1995

"Thanks for a great trip. It is always fun to travel with you and see old friends. Hope it doesn't take too long to clean up the gear. See you in September!

Kay Threlkeld's tenth trip
Cataract Canyon Raft, June 1996

"Just a note to say thanks for a great trip. Your planning worked fine and your choice of participants was excellent. A good group of friendly folk."

Carol Chamberland's first trip
Buckskin Gulch-Paria Backpack, October 1992

"The trip to Peru was one of the most memorable of my life! You did an outstanding job! Bruce, Jon & I are still driving everyone nuts with our pictures and war stories."

Jan Schneider's fifth trip
Inca Trail, Peru, September 1997

"Thank you for facilitating such an outstanding adventure as our recent 8 days in the Grand Canyon turned out to be. I felt challenged and ended the trip with a feeling of accomplishment. The scenery was as spectacular as expected, but what made the trip so enjoyable, as in most travel situations, was the blend of people that joined us on the trip...."

Jim Kelley's first trip
Thunder River to Kanab Creek, Grand Canyon, May 2000

"Ted and I sure enjoyed the Middle Fork trip and want to thank you for everything you do to put these trips together. Your energy and industry on the trips is incomparable."

Mary Bruning's eighth trip
Middle Fork of the Salmon Raft, June 1999

"Thank you so very much for the action-packed, stunning, thrilling, and memorable tour. The Hannons all felt like we never would have seen so much on our own and are very grateful to you. What a neat group of people. I thoroughly enhoyed meeting all of your friends. Thank you for including me."

Heidi Hannon's first trip
Inca Sacred Valley, Peru, July 1999

"Thanks for a fantastic G.C. trip.... The organization by you two and the actual conduct of the trip were really appreciated, also the fun group you chose to go. What a tremendous way for me to see the Grand Canyon for the first time."

Duane Phinney's second trip
Grand Canyon Raft, August 1999

"Thanks so much for organizing the trip. I appreciate the amount of work it was and will always be amazed at how smoothly things happened. You guys make a great team. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. "

Dave Sample's first trip
Grand Canyon Raft, September 1998

"I wanted to say thank you so very much for all of the hard work you put into making these trips turn out so great. I love spending time with your groups. Everyone seems to fit so well together. Even though we don't go on every hike, we enjoy our time on the trips to the fullest. Thanks!"

Denise Mill's ninth trip
Grand Gulch Plateau Basecamp, August 1998

"Steve and I wanted to thank you again for organizing a great trip. We really enjoyed ourselves. I know this is not the violin you had your eye on but that one was sold when we stopped there on the train. I hope this will be a suitable substitute."

Bernadette Landowski's second trip
Barranca del Cobre Backpack, March 1995

"I have constantly been recalling parts of our trip. It was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever taken. The adventures were exciting, the places new and different, and your preparations and provisions were astonishing. It is so nice to be able to take advantage of someone else's planning and preparation for a trip like that -- especially when it is in competent and experienced hands."

John Justice's first trip
Barranca del Cobre Backpack, March 1995

"We had a great time on the trip. You two do a super job and everything is so well organized, it makes it easy. Everyone at work was amazed . . . They couldn't believe I would go on a trip like that and have fun."

Carol Muller's first trip
Canyonlands Canoe, June 1989

"Thanks for a great trip; I know you both put a tremendous amount of work into preparation and take-down and repair, and it's very much noticed and appreciated. My special memories of that trip are Kay singing "Mariah" while we paddle-rafted back to camp from hiking Dark Canyon, hiking Lake Powell in the moonlight, and looking straight down a waterfall from MUCH too up close and personal. Thanks again for letting me participate and for providing the opportunity!"

Linda Gober 's third trip
Cataract Canyon Raft, June 1996

"Thanks again also for the great hike. . . . Keep in touch and thanks again for the planning, food, company, and fireside debates! It was a good one, despite my flopping sole!"

Steve Russell's first trip
West Coast Trail Backpack, August 1992

"I enjoyed the opportunities to get away by myself and yet have the comfort of returning to a congenial (and only mildly crazy) group of stranger - friends. Thanks for your leadership and good groceries."

Mark Jennings' first trip
Canyonlands Canoe, June 1989

"Just a short note to let you know that I had a great time on the WCT BP. You run a well organized trip and I know and appreciate how much work you put into it to make it a memorable experience!"

Susan Lassiter's first trip
West Coast Trail Backpack, August 1992

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