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The Archive

Over approximately twenty-five years, from 1986 to 2011, we organized hundreds of non-commercial group trips. 40+ were Grand Canyon private rafting trips and an equal or greater number were on other western US rivers. One year we planned and led ten, week-or-longer adventures. Most of the participants were folks we met on a solo or group trip. Each of our trips primarily consisted of old hands who had traveled with us several times. This was important because no guides were used and the group shared in all aspects of the work and field cooking as a cooperative undertaking. Many of the folks we traveled with became good friends. One went on 39 adventures with us in approximately 20 years, another was on 35 trips, and many were on ten or more. Most of the trips were exploratory. We would have an idea of someplace we wanted to see or something we wanted to do and then talk a bunch of friends plus the occasional new person into taking a chance and coming along.

The Archive Format

The template for our original website was developed in 1995 and we placed it on the Internet that year. The coding used was pretty simple with no cascading style sheets or modern HTML. By today's website standards the site is quite dated but the information accumulated during all of the travel is still relevant so we included it unmodified in this archive. Since the information is 4-5 years old there may be a few non-functional links to sites that have changed their addresses or pages that have been removed. We have updated the whitewater rafting permits page.