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For two decades, we've published a quarterly newsletter documenting what is happening in our lives, reporting on trips taken during the past quarter, and announcing any future group travel plans. The newsletter is personal in tone because most of us have organized trips and traveled together many times and are on a first name basis. That doesn't mean we exclude new participants in favor of old friends. The complexity of large group trip execution, without the aid of commercial guides, favors having many with experience along. However, 10-20% of the people on a trip are usually on their first group trip with us and we like it that way. We're always interested in meeting other outdoors enthusiasts.

Our newsletter has evolved into a standard format that we've used for quite some time. From 1984-1999 it was regularly Post Office delivered to those who frequently traveled with us, and sampled to those who expressed interest in a future group trip. Eventually most of our friends joined the Internet, so we began posting the newsletters to this web site and terminated the Post Office or snail mail version to reduce costs. As part of that conversion, we created electronic versions of the snail mail ones so all since 1990 can be found here. Each newsletter dedicates space to the following:

The most interesting parts of our old newsletters for online readers will probably be the trip reports. To facilitate your finding them, we've added their names in italics after each newsletter link.

Participants on trips we organize expect everyone to be able to share the responsibilities associated with the planned activity. Unfortunately, this requires us to screen potential participants. Many trips we plan are inappropriate for individuals with no camping experience or a low level of physical stamina. Sharing work assignments and being responsible for oneself also makes our trips inappropriate for children.

Most group activities, excluding river trips where permits are the limiting factor, are announced six months or more before they occur to give people a chance to organize their vacation time. Future trip information is presently communicated by email to only those on our mailing list. We reserve the right to choose who we keep on that list.

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