Our Travel Philosophy

We enjoy camping oriented travel; specifically raft trips, backpacks, and foreign van trips. While we frequently travel by ourselves, we relish traveling with friends and getting to meet interesting people. For the past ten years, we have been networking group trips with travelers of similar interests. Our quarterly newsletter has served as a rallying point for them to participate in planned future events. Group trips that we participate in are non-commercial with the trip participants supplying all of the required equipment, planning, labor, and organization.

We've found that this type of travel offers both greater personal involvement and enhanced learning opportunities. Most participants are eventually capable of doing everything done by professional guides on commercial trips. They become more experienced and competent as the trip progresses. Everything is cost-shared which is an economical way to travel. The elimination

of overhead and staff usually enables a private trip to cost approximately a third of the equivalent commercial trip.

Our network's self-help trips work because over 50% of the people involved on each trip have traveled together before. While new people are welcome to join us, we all recognize that it is the repeaters who make a trip successful. Experienced participants train the new comers. After a trip or two we find that everyone is able to accomplish group food preparation and other on-trip tasks on their own.

People who join our network are willing to pitch in and make things happen. They're mature, responsible, motivated individuals who enjoy being outdoors; like to camp for extended periods of time; can entertain themselves; and aren't only on the trip to collect a travel trophy or because of the low expense. They rise to the challenge of adversity and consider it to be an essential part of adventure travel.

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