Bob & Susan's 2016 Lake Powell Adventure

The plan was to spend most of September on Lake Powell, somewhere between three and four weeks. The first thing that altered this plan was the backup 9HP motor ran hot on a Lake Pleasant test run and then stopped. We suspected the water pump impeller was not working correctly. We waited a week to get a new impeller shipped to us and then found out the motor was frozen and would require much more repair time. At that point we decided to go with just towing insurance and no spare motor. We reached the lake with no problems, launched from Wahweap, and explored for 12 days, kayaking and hiking every day. On a longer hike Bob tried to show Susan the Mormon trail in Cottonwood Canyon but unfortunately someone may have removed the sign posts where the trail leaves the streambed or the route was removed from his mind this time and he became hopelessly lost. Eventually we reached Halls Crossing but then realized we had a front tube that was filling with water, evidenced by the pontoon listing on the left side front. After finding there was no repair facility at either Halls or Bullfrog, we rearranged all of the heavy stuff on the good side and headed back towards Wahweap. If we were going to get towed out we wanted to be closer to Wahweap so it would be towed there. Both Halls and Bullfrog are in the middle of nowhere with no transportation available to reach our truck and trailer. We explored the lake for a couple of pleasant days as we traveled downstream and then a three day rainstorm hit. We got a lot of reading done while staying dry under the tarp that fully covers the boat. Running out of ice, we decided to pull the pontoon out of the water at Page and remove the water from the bad chamber with the intention of going back on the Lake for 10 more days. We checked our email at the Page McDonalds and sadly found Susan’s father had passed away the previous day and she needed to immediately go to Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota for his funeral. Of course this all sounds like a not-much-fun trip but while we were on the Lake we were treated to some pretty spectacular photographic opportunities. The hiking and kayaking on the sunny days wasn’t bad either. We will just have to try again next year.