Bob & Susan's Minnesota Adventure

Hoping to escape the Black Canyon City summer heat, we traveled to northern Minnesota for three weeks in August. We were delighted to find the temperatures in the 70’s, not much rain while we were there, very few bugs, and Susan’s father and family doing well. After visiting with her family for a week, we drove into Wisconsin to see the Apostle Islands. Unfortunately we chose to camp on a Saturday and Wisconsin campgrounds are pretty full on weekends. We managed to find an overflow campsite at the Legendary Waters Casino and upgrade to a nicer campsite the next day. We hiked a couple of longer forest trails along the Lake and took the big 4-hour boat for a tour of 21 of the 22 named islands. Returning to Hoyt Lakes we visited some more with family and then went out to the Hakala Island cabin for two days. At the end of the trip, we drove to Browerville to visit Susan’s aunt and uncle. The last night we stayed with Laurie, Susan’s youngest sister and left early the next day to reach the airport at 6:00AM. Returning to the Black Canyon City heat was predictably unpleasant.