Bob & Susan's 2016 North Rim Adventure

Our annual sojourn to the north side of the Canyon happened a bit earlier than in past years. The much cooler temperatures took us by surprise but the days were quite lovely and the spring wild flowers were in bloom. We camped for several nights along the East Rim Viewpoints of Marble Canyon both hiking and biking short distances each day. We hiked down the North Canyon Trail to the Supai sandstone bottom, saving the up-canyon hike to the spring for another time. Our longest bike ride was a nightmare trip down the section of the AZ Trail between the East Rim and Forest Rd. #610, which runs along the Park border. Less than a foot wide, the bike/hike trail was difficult enough for two old farts but when Bob’s rear tire developed a bulge that put the inner tube on the ground with each rotation, the air also went out of our enthusiasm. We took turns pushing his injured bicycle along the rough, vole-holed path until we finally reached the road. Bob valiantly cycled off to fetch the truck but was relieved when two sympathetic, young, female, foreign tourists delivered him the last couple of miles to our campsite. Another day we walked the upper Nankoweap Trail from the rim to the top of Coconino descent to the Saddle Mountain saddle. There we enjoyed lots of flowers and a wonderful forest area with great views into Upper Nankoweap Valley.