Death Valley - 2017

Other than Bob taking a quick drive through Death Valley (DV) back in the 60's neither of us had been there, so we decided to take our new used Aliner camper for its shakedown road trip, spending a couple of nights at Lake Mead along the way. We arrived in DV late in the day and took a campsite in Sunset Campground, which is a large, barren parking lot. The next day there was a mass exodus from the more desirable Texas Springs Campground when high winds and dust storms were forecast. We quickly moved there to a more sheltered spot. Biking was out of the question but we took some short hikes and fortunately were back at the camper when the first gust parted the A and our sidewalls came down. We thought we had it strapped up and secure but the next day with gusts up to 65 mph, it happened again. Out came the river straps and we're currently adding some features of our own to keep it together. We were too early in the season for flowers but enjoyed a loop hike through Gold & Gower canyons before moving on to Stovepipe Wells. Our favorite hike there was Mosaic Canyon but we also enjoyed a jaunt around Ubehebe Crater and captured colorful sunset photos at Mesquite Dunes. Devil's Cornfield was an odd-looking patch of desert with clumps of Arrow weed scattered through it. The variety of the park's rock formations was a delightful surprise and we found the features of historical borax and gold mining operations interesting.