Holden's Birthday Party - 2017

Scott and Tennille organized a birthday party for Holden at their home in Tempe. All of his Grandparents were there as well as many cousins and other relatives from Tennille's extended family. The main course was pizza and everyone was feeding our grand dog, Hudson, scraps. He probably consumed several slices. After the kids played in the yard and swam for a while (in the unheated pool) the birthday cake materialized. With only two candles it seemed Holden would be easily able to handle blowing them out. However he hasn't quite mastered that yet so Tennille did the honors. Cake and ice cream were greatly enjoyed by everyone. Holden and his cousin belle who is about his age were eating theirs at a kids table but when she got up to check out other happenings; Hudson helped himself to her cake. Lots of gifts were opened and it seemed that a bubble blowing lawn mower was Holden's favorite. After three hours of constant commotion, Holden seemed ready for a nap when we left and Hudson was out cold. We're betting Holden can blow those candles out next year.