Lake Powell Boating - 2017

We elected to make the long drive to Halls Crossing so we could explore more of the upper end of the Lake, possibly boating as far as Hite. Our original plan was to spend 10-14 days in the upper reaches. Then we would pull the pontoon out of the water, park it somewhere, resupply in Blanding, and go out for another 10-14 days. The spring weather was wonderful with lots of wildflowers begging to be photographed. Campsites were plentiful and as we moved further up lake, there were few other folks around. We hiked and kayaked in a number of canyons we hadn’t previously explored and eventually found ourselves moving into increasing amounts of driftwood. Still more than 10 river miles from Hite, Having reached the end of the Lake where all the driftwood that comes down the Colorado pools, we decided to give up on the adventure before we damaged a prop or even worse the motor. Slowly working our way back to Halls, we investigated more side canyons and the last night had what appeared to be a motor problem after some shallow water boating in mud and silt while hunting for a campsite. There appeared to be insufficient water flow through the engine. Out of supplies and slightly unnerved, we reached Halls and decided to give it up, go home and sort out the possible problem. Of course it was easily resolved at home. After 5 years of boating on Lakes Powell and Mead, this would turn out to be our last trip on the 22’ pontoon. While we had done a lot of work on it over the years, it was still over 20 years old and we boated a lot of miles during the past five years. We’ve decided to upgrade to either another pontoon or a cuddy cabin power boat since there are still adventures to be had boating Lake Powell.