Mogollon Rim - 2017

For those who are unfamiliar, the Mogollon Rim arcs from south of Flagstaff eastwards and southerly toward the New Mexico border. A group of neighbors encouraged us to join them up there a few years ago, introducing us to the area. Since then we’ve returned by ourselves on several occasions. We like to camp at about 7000’ but towards New Mexico the rim elevations are over 9000’ and it can be what we consider cold at night even in the summer. The rim top is forested and dotted with small lakes, gradually rolling off to the north into the much lower Little Colorado River drainage. To the south, the terrain abruptly drops about 2000’, providing magnificent views, especially during the frequent summer thunder and lightning storms. It is possible to find hundreds of campsites right along the edge of this rim. One of the storms was severe enough that we were expecting a strike so we bailed out of the camper and crawled into the back of the pick-up, which we hoped was better insulated. Bob did a lot of hiking on his own while Susan babied her torn meniscus and read scores of books. One day we shared our spectacular view with some visiting ATV riders, who shared with us the location of their favorite black raspberry patch. The next day we found it and Susan was in heaven. We had thunderstorms every afternoon making it seem pretty wet for desert dwellers but we enjoyed the cooler weather tremendously. All of this less than a hundred miles from home.