Spring Wildflowers - 2017

Black Canyon City had a lot of rain in the last four months and the result has been a spectacular desert wildflower bloom. We've been hiking regularly and watching the progression of flowers. The predominant color is always yellow with every hill covered with Brittle Bush and poppies in full bloom. But this has also been a boomer year for lupine, owl's clover, chicory, sego lilies, and Mariposa tulips. Unfortunately the new growth overhangs some of our pathways and both of us have acquired rashes on the lower legs. After a couple weeks of blooming, the wildflowers are beginning to fade only to be replaced by cactus flowers. We noticed fuchsia hedgehogs, gold Cholla, and lemon yellow prickly pear blossoms today. Haven't seen our first rattlesnake yet but one rattled at us from a hidden spot in tall grass. Fortunately we were NOT in the tall grass and could see that it wasn't near our feet. Sightings seem to more frequent after a wet spring so we're keeping our eyes and ears open.