Pontoon Rentals in Kentucky

Pontoon rentals are a great way to enjoy Kentucky lakes, especially Barkley Lake. A double-decker pontoon rental with a slide can run about $350 for the day, and you can also get a tow bar to get down the lake more quickly. Most companies require a damage deposit of $150, but you can often get lower rates if you rent the boat for a full day. You can reserve your rental online, or call the office.

pontoon rentals

The rentals are available before Memorial Day and after Labor Day and are available weekdays. Most pontoons are equipped with radio, anchor, and front and back bucket seats. Some even come with a tow bar for fishing. There are usually some restrictions on what time you can rent a pontoon, and some don’t allow overnight rentals. If you need to rent a pontoon, make sure to call ahead to find out if it’s available before hand.

The most popular types of pontoons are 23-foot Sweetwater Sport Toons with 115-horsepower Mercury engines, which are ideal for beginners. Many pontoons also have a radio, Bluetooth, and GPS depth/fish finder. Most of these are equipped with a steering wheel and an anchor. Some even have a slide. A 24′ luxury tritoon by Harris is equipped with a 200-horsepower Honda engine and an anchor for easy docking. The boat can hold up to 11 passengers, and you can rent it in advance.

A private company called Northwoods Pontoon Rentals has many options for you to rent a pontoon. You can choose from three different sizes and styles. Most boats are available in several sizes to accommodate the number of guests and their needs. There are many rental companies to choose from, so finding one near you is easy. If you need a larger boat, you can also rent a smaller one. The size and cost will depend on what kind of boat you are renting.

Some pontoons are available for sunset rentals. The hours vary from 5pm to 8pm. These are perfect for catching sunsets. The most popular times to rent a pontoon are the weekends and holidays. The prices are reasonable, but you may want to reserve a pontoon ahead of time if you need it overnight. Then, you can simply enjoy a beautiful day in Raystown Lake.

If you prefer a private pontoon, you can find several places to rent them. In the Destin, Florida area, you can also rent a center-console or a pontoon from RMR Watersports. They offer a true blue pontoon that is a great choice for snorkeling, swimming, or a relaxing day on the water. You can reserve a pontoon at your local marina.

Some of the best pontoon rentals are available at the local marina. Morse Marina has eight pontoons, but parking can be limited. You can reserve a pontoon at the marina before you go on vacation. If you are a first-time boater, try looking for a local pontoon rental that has instructors. Hopefully, you will find the perfect pontoon rental for your needs.

Whether you want a small or large pontoon, there is a location that offers them. You can choose the size of pontoon that is right for you. Some rentals offer free lessons for newbies. Others require you to be an experienced boater. In these cases, a private marina will help you learn the basics of boating before renting a pontoon. While you’re on your way to your next destination, remember to bring a life jacket and some snacks, and be sure to keep water and fuel on board.

When you rent a pontoon, you’ll get to enjoy miles of beautiful Raystown Lake. You can fish from the boat or enjoy the views of the mountains and the surrounding nature from the water. There are many different types of rentals available for different occasions. If you have a large family, you can find a private one that is right for your needs. A privately-owned pontoon rental is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on a budget.

There are two types of pontoon boats. The first one is a catamaran with two hulls, and the other type is a trimaran with three hulls. Most of these boats are flat and rely on floats to stay buoyant. A flat pontoon boat can also have an extremely large deck plan. This boat also allows for more space for sunbathing, a dive board, and other fun amenities.